By: William Goss

I must confess to having never before heard of the web site Topless Robot -- a self-proclaimed bastion of "nerd news, humor, and self-loathing" -- but they appreciate the likes of Scott Pilgrim, and I in turn appreciate the likes of "10 Helpful Suggestions for Killing John Connor," which is exactly what it sounds like.

Author Shaun Clayton scours the entire Terminator mythos, from the small screen to the Bale blow-up, to produce a list that might sound thuddingly obvious, but proved a great deal more observant and amusing than I'd have thought. Just to give two examples (so as not to spoil ALL the fun): #10 says "Send All The Terminators Back in Time" (I know, right?!) and #3 goes with "Use the Time Machine to Cheat" (the logic here follows that of the Bill & Ted films -- look, you're either with this or not).

So that's that, your nifty link for the day. Thanks to John Merriman for pointing it out; he will thusly be spared when I send the robots back to eliminate anyone whose last name even has an 'r' in it (that's Suggestion #11, and you can keep it).

If you were in charge, what would be the best way to finally kill John Connor?
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