(S05E16/S05E17) "See you in Los Angeles." - Jack

By: Jonathan Toomey

I'm not really sure where to begin, but I think this is a pretty good starting point: holy crap. Just like every season finale before this one, Lost has once again left us all with our jaws on the floor and our brains on overdrive. This changes everything. The big question? How does it change everything? Is it January yet?

It's tough to say what comes next. The idea that we've actually met Jacob is still incredibly fascinating. The fact that he was on the island before The Black Rock crashed is even more intriguing. Finding out that he had been checking in on Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Illana, Jin, Sun, Jack, Locke, Hurley? The man (is he a man?!) can leave the island at will apparently and it's starting to become clearer what "coming war" Charles Widmore was referring to.

So let's start with the flashbacks, first addressing Jacob's origins. We don't know much, other than he was on the island, living in the giant Anubis statue, weaving tapestries, and catching fish for dinner. Life seemed pretty simple. However, there was one other guy on the island, an adversary to Jacob, who's name we never caught. I'll just call him TW since he was played by Titus Welliver. TW disagreed with Jacob continually bringing people to the island to see how they would survive, interact, and evolve - the latest instance? The crew of The Black Rock. TW thought it did nothing but lead to corruption and death but Jacob saw it as progress. TW then said he wanted to kill Jacob but couldn't and that once he found a loophole, he would. OK?!? Sounds to me like this is the war.

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