By: Elisabeth Rappe

Like the first official image from Avatar, this latest glimpse of James Cameron's super-secret project is strictly behind the scenes. Apparently, this is the Avatar chamber where the consciousness of human pilots are "uplinked" to their Na'vi bodies. The Na'vi are those mysterious, blue-skinned, cat like creatures that inhabit Pandora, and only by inhabiting a copycat body can the human members of the Avatar program get close to them. Exploring Pandora without one is fatal, since the planet is toxic, and full of predators.

You have to give Cameron credit for managing to keep this film on complete lockdown. It really is pretty exciting to have a flick on the horizon that we know nothing about ... although it doesn't make typing "Na'vi" and "catlike" any less silly. Come on, Mr. Cameron, give us a photo of an alien so we've got something to go on?

The above photo comes from The New York Times, where there's little about Avatar, but a lot about the headaches of Hollywood's 3-D financing.
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