By: William Goss

Vikings vs. aliens -- you're either with it or not. It's a curious concept, likely greeted by one of two reactions -- either palpable intrigue or a total and utter lack of interest -- and even those intrigued know that a killer pitch can't stop a SciFi Channel level stinker from being just that (Sharks in Venice, anyone?). Well, rest assured that this version of that story, which opens in select markets today, isn't all hollow kitsch -- in fact, Outlander is probably the best possible version of whatever movie you've already made in your head from reading those first three words.

During the reign of the Vikings, a spaceship suddenly thunders down from the heavens and crash-lands smack in the middle of Norway. Out tumbles Kainan (James Caviezel), who has to bury his co-pilot and learn the language of the land in short and painful order, respectively -- and who also has to find out what has become of an alien stowaway that claimed much of his own race and is now free to plague a new planet. The local villagers, led by Rothgar (John Hurt), are skeptical of this stranger and his alleged quest to conquer what he only calls a dragon, but soon enough, even the elder, the heir apparent (Jack Huston), and his headstrong wife-to-be (Sophia Myles) will realize that what menaces them is a bigger beast indeed...
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