A few days ago, I asked what director's world you would most like to live in, and the answers have been a lot of fun to read. (Some of you are a lot braver than I am -- um, Mad Max? Damn! We'll probably be there in a few years!) As I was browsing through scenes that I loved, trying to decide on which one of the multitude to post, I realized that I had to be true to my darker retro side, and vote Goodfellas. I desperately want to be Lorraine Bracco, married to the mob via Ray Liotta (who has never looked finer), with piles of money and a constant supply of gifts that fell off a truck. I'd much prefer the careless morality of the Mafia to the tight, suburban Sirk -- and I'd get to keep the clothes, if not the popsicle lighting and decor.

So, in honor of Scorsese's new Frank Sinatra movie, here's the Goodfellas scene I'd most like to live in. I'm not sure what it says about my personal tastes and how I study film that I've never thought "Oh, all in one take! Amazing!" but "Now that's the kind of date I'd like to go on. Why can't I find a guy like that? And where can I find that dress?"