By: Elisabeth Rappe

UPDATE: The brand new trailer for Terminator Salvation is now on Yahoo Movies. Watch it below.

This weekend'sTerminator: SalvationWonderCon panel not only revealed a few more scenes and plot points, but has been accompanied online with three new posters, and a bunch of new images. They popped up over at Yahoo! Movies, and while there's nothing too exciting ... guns are being pointed, trenchcoats are being blown back, Terminator eyes are glowing an evil red. However, you might enjoy your first glimpse of Bryce Dallas Howard. (Was it just timing with Howard's real child ... or is there another Connor generation on the way? This may have been mentioned at the panel and I just didn't see it.) You should also enjoy that creepy T-600 Terminator model that's guarding some remnant of imprisoned humanity. It's those kinds of Terminators that convince me this might be a pretty hard PG-13 ... or it could just be totally corny once it starts to move.

Also, Entertainment Tonight will be premiering the new Terminator: Salvation trailer that's attached to Watchmen this weekend, and -- guess what -- they've decided to preview their latest preview, and you can watch it after the jump.

The new photos, and bigger versions of the posters, are all in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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