I demand that people pay attention to this. I know that Russell Mulcahy isn't exactly a hot property these days, but still. Mulcahy has been reliably churning out B-movies for more than two decades now. Recently he even managed to make the Resident Evil franchise rebound a little from the unwatchable second film. He's got a movie with the year's coolest title in the pipeline, Give 'Em Hell, Malone. And before all that, of course, came Highlander. Come on, people. Highlander. (Yes, yes, I know, also Highlander 2: The Quickening. Shut up.)

Mulcahy has signed up for an Australian shark movie called Bait, which will shoot on the Gold Coast this summer, and will be in 3-D. Yes, yes, I know: Jaws 3-D. Shut up. We haven't had a good shark movie since Deep Blue Sea ten years ago (Open Water, though awesome, does not count), and I'm hankering to see one. And since I'm assuming the long-in-the-works adaptation of Steve Alten's sci-fi-tinged Meg (think Jurassic Park in the water) will never emerge from development hell, this Bait thing might be our best chance.

Oh, and the plot: a bunch of people get trapped in a supermarket... with sharks.* I'll take it! More details as they emerge! (In the meantime, Mulcahy's Give 'Em Hell, Malone appears to lack a U.S. distributor, but will probably see the light of day sooner or later.)

*Crucial detail: it's a flooded supermarket. Otherwise -- oh, never mind.
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