The ProposalSubmit your burning questions for Deadpool and the queen of rom-coms.

Sandra Bullock
has long been the queen of romantic comedies, but sadly, she hasn't made one since 2002's 'Two Weeks Notice,' a movie some of us may have seen, um, multiple times. (On cable! It's always on cable!) That's why it's such a delight to see her returning to the genre in 'The Proposal' (June 19), which co-stars Hollywood's current rising star, the ridiculously charming and funny Ryan Reynolds.

Bullock, in a nice change of pace from her girl-next-door roles, plays the boss from hell, and Reynolds her beleaguered assistant. But it turns out she's a foreigner -- from (gasp!) Canada -- and when she suddenly has work visa issues, she tells her superiors that the two of them are engaged ... and Reynolds' character, who owes his paycheck to the woman after all, is forced to go along with it. Think of it as 'The Devil Wears Prada' meets 'Green Card.'

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