Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that probably won't return from the future with orders to terminate you or us ... we hope. Last week we put our hands together and prayed for some excellent captions from you folks for a photo from the new movie Angels & Demons, which is a follow-up to The Da Vinci Code and in theaters this weekend. Congrats to our three winners for not pissing off the girl upstairs ...

1. "What do you know? I had heard that Christianity was built on top of Judaism, but I always assumed that was a metaphor."-- Kurt P.

2. "Nope, no Holy Grail, but it appears the last person had corn for dinner..." -- Chris U.

3. "Don't worry, if the legend is correct then the Pope bounces." -- Adam P.

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This week we're traveling to the year 2018 for a sequel that's been years in the making: Terminator Salvation (in theaters May 21). You should already be sold on Christian Bale fighting robots in the future, but if that doesn't do the trick, then, well, I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to make a cameo ... and, heck, Moon Bloodgood co-stars. Moon Bloodgood! I love that name! The three members of the resistance behind our favorite captions this week will sail away with one Terminator Salvation head key chain, one "Join the Resistance" men's t-shirt, one "Join the Resistance" women's tank top, one Terminator Salvation vintage hat with silver stitch, one stainless steel water bottle, and one 3GB USB dog tag. Ooohh, these prizes are pretty shiny and fantastic -- especially that last one. Maybe I'll leave a comment and hope that my future self picks it as the winner! Or maybe I'll just tell you to sound off below ...

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