Just when it seems like we're being buried in remakes and reboots, and that Hollywood won't take risks on original ideas, a story pops up in the trades to give you a little hope. This is one of them. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Gotham Group is putting Steven Sherill's novel The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break into production. They bought Mike Jones' script back in March, and has now hired John Stevenson (already attached to Grayskull and We3) to direct.

If you're going "What, so this is really about a minotaur?" the answer is yes, it's about a minotaur ... and not just any minotaur, but the one Theseus famously slew in King Minos' labyrinth. Only he managed to survive having his throat slashed and now works as a short-order cook at a North Carolina eatery called Grub's Rib. He's no longer wild and angry, but calmly accepting his physical limitations (poor speech, limited vision, horns, and a body ill-suited for human clothing) and struggling instead with his attraction to an epileptic waitress named Kelly. He's not the only Greek myth kicking around in the South, either as apparently Medusa and Hermaphroditus appear.

The movie will be a mix of live action and CGI, and no start date is given. But as Grayskull is in the process of being rewritten, maybe we'll get this sooner than later. In the meantime, I'm going to grab a copy of the book for summer reading, as the cover and the concept has me hooked, and I also want to know if he has issues cooking hamburgers and steak for customers.
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