A hockey movie from Kevin Smith seems like the most natural thing in the world -- so natural, in fact, that this news seems like a nonevent. What is surprising is the source material and writing partner Smith is employing, as he's teaming up with Mitch Albom to film an adaptation of Warren Zevon's song Hit Somebody. If you're a hockey fan, you know the bittersweet song about a Canadian farmboy who desperately wants to play hockey, but is good for nothing but fighting. I've embedded it below so you can check it out and follow along with Smith's ideas.

The film will be set in the 1970s in the final days of old-time hockey, the World Hockey Association, and blood-splattered ice. "The song's been one of my favorites since I heard it and I've always seen this whole movie behind," Smith told MTV News. I got in touch with Mitch because Warren Zevon has passed on and we started talking about it and he was into it and into what I was kind of pitching." While the story will have some comedy, Smith is styling it to be one of his most serious films yet. "I never once thought about winning awards or anything, but that movie I think can do it. If I play my cards right and we get the right people in it, it could be an award-type movie."

He's aiming to start filming in 2010 or 2011, naming it as the "the one I really want to do in a big, bad way." Perhaps this film is that "something else" he was hinting at. I think Smith could really get under the skin of a broken down hockey player, and if there's one person who can rescue the sport from being condemned to Slapshot remakes, it would be him.

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