I believe this trailer is fairly newish, although it's not brand new -- so you'll have to excuse us if you've already watched it, like, a gabillion times somewhere else. With this month's release of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, it would appear as if filmmakers have jammed this puppy with tons upon tons of new characters -- including one mysterious figure who wears a cape and goes by the name of Darth Vader. Yup, Vader makes an appearance in the sequel (along with a peculiar little sidekick -- wait till you see who that is), and you get a taste of what his role is like in this extended trailer that also features a group of strange, freaky singing Albert Einstein toys.

One thing I look forward to with Night at the Museum 2 (and yes, I liked the first one) is that it's the first to bring a little comedy to our summer. Last night I wrote about the summer of 1988, and how back then almost every film was a type of comedy -- be it a romantic comedy, sci-fi comedy, action comedy -- it was all we were interested in at the time. After last summer's The Dark Knight hit theaters, everyone wanted dark, intense summer movies -- whereas I'm perfectly happy with a nice lineup of funny, easygoing entertainment. Over on Moviefone, they list a number of this summer's comedies and ask which one you think will turn out to be the funniest. So watch this Museum trailer below, then head over there to take part in their poll.