Our pals at Moviefone have posted an interview with Ewan McGregor in which the always-charming Scotsman expresses his opinion on a number of highly relevant topics, starting with his work in Angels & Demons and extending to issues such as onscreen nudity and Megan Fox awareness.

First, though, the news: despite director Danny Boyle's enthusiasm for the idea, McGregor has no interest in appearing in a sequel to Trainspotting. "I didn't think the book was very good," he said, referring to the Trainspotting novel's sequel, Porno. "The novel of Trainspotting was quite fantastic ... and then I find that the sequel ... it didn't move me as much."

He also said the sequel's story is too similar to Trainspotting's. "Renton walks away with all the money at the end again. And I thought I don't want to make the same story again. And, also, I think just the idea of getting the cast together again 10 to 15 years later isn't good enough, you need more than that."

So that's it on the Trainspotting sequel. Then, in news sure to astonish certain Cinematical editors I could name, McGregor is asked whether he has a tattoo sleeve like Megan Fox said he did, and McGregor says, "No. I have a tattoo ... but who's Megan Fox?"

Who's Megan Fox?! One can only conclude that McGregor doesn't go to movies about giant space robots that harass teenage girls who wear ill-fitting T-shirts, and that he also doesn't read Cinematical. The guy's really missing out.
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