I see Terminator: Salvationnext week. I am really nervous about it.

It's a deplored "fanboy" habit, I know -- to whine about a geeky franchise flick before it's even released. Haven't you anything better to do than worry about a summer blockbuster? Get a life.

But the thing is that I care about movies, and the Terminator series means more to me than any other franchise that's still kicking -- more than Star Trek, more than Indiana Jones, more than any of the superhero flicks. Terminator 2 is the greatest action movie ever made, and one of the greatest films, period. The Terminator scared the crap out of me when I was a young 'un -- a "formative" film experience if ever there were one. The third film obviously had its detractors, but I thought it was a damn fine actioner that honored the story. It's true sci-fi, with a deep, interesting mythology; it even makes a genuine effort to get time paradoxes right, and gets kind of close.

But Salvation... aaaaaaaargh. McG has worked hard to make a case for himself as the right choice for the franchise, but the fact remains that he's never really made a good film. People will point to the Charlie's Angels flicks as the cause for concern, but I'd want to talk about We Are Marshall, which is about as tedious and tone-deaf as movies get. Then there's the news that the story has been written and rewritten, and not always for the best reasons -- changed endings, a bigger role for Christian Bale -- which isn't a harbinger of a confident, thought-through movie. And the trailers have not exactly inspired confidence, at least in me, though the last one was a bit more promising.
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