The Princess and the Frog

Disney returns to old school 2-D animation (is that still legal?) with this feature about Princess Tiana who lives in New Orleans during the Jazz age. If I'm not mistaken, this character represents the first African-American addition to the Disney Princess line. I'm not quite in the right age group here, but this is what Disney does best so I'm betting the kids will love it. The amphibious lovin' commences on November 25.

Chicago director Rob Marshall helms this film based on the Tony Award-winning 1982 musical. A film director suffers from both creative and personal crises while balancing the the many women in his life. I can enjoy a well produced stage musical, but they rarely work for me onscreen. Watch for it on November 25.

This one will have you looking at your XBox 360 in a whole new way. In the not too distant future, convicted felons serve as player characters in a real life video game and the survivor gets to go free. The influences of The Running Man and the recent Death Race seem pretty obvious. Gerard Butler and Dexter's Michael C. Hall star so this may be worth a look come September 4.