Before I begin doling out the rant soup with a side order of opinionated snark, I should make one thing clear: I'm not talking about films in which time travel is a central concept. The Time Machine, Back to the Future, Time After Time, Bill & Ted, Casablanca, Somewhere in Time, etc., are all exempt from the following (rather silly) rule:

Time travel sucks. And here's why:

Take the new Star Trek, for example. Or better yet, pretty much any episode of Heroes. At one point we start out on linear playing fields, an A to B to C storytelling device that, you must admit, usually works pretty darn well. But once a character stumbles onto the ability to leap through time ... I get bored. All bets are off. I'm probably going to watch something else. Why?

1. It's a screenwriting cheat: As much as I enjoyed the new Star Trek (and I seriously did), the time-twist subplot seemed ... out of place. As if it was concocted just so we could have a "logical" way for Leonard Nimoy to play an important role. Which leads to...
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