Everyone's got their niche -- that little slice of the pie that they command -- but it's not often that this niche traverses a wide range of historical icons from almost every part of life. In the beginning one would never have imagined that Kirk Ellis, the man who jumped onto the scene with 1988's Nightmare at Noon, would soon enter the world of biopics, or that he'd get handed the reigns of some doozies.

After a run of easily forgotten fare, Ellis found his niche. He started with a television biopic on The Beach Boys, followed it up with The Three Stooges, Anne Frank, and Judy Garland (the last as producer). There was a bit of a lull after that (besides Into the West), but in 2008, the guy got his big-deal mojo -- that miniseries we all loved called John Adams. Now, it looks like the world is his oyster. He's writing the upcoming Jackie Robinson film, and as IMDb shares, he's also involved with 1776 (Nathan Hale and the Revolutionary War), Escape (Carolyn Jessop and her escape from FLDS), and The Worst Hard Time (people in the Dust Bowl).

What else could they possibly pile on? How about our short-sentenced wonder Ernest Hemingway? Remember that A.E. Hotchner adaptation in the works? Variety reports that Ellis is going to adapt it. It's a good call, but that's not all -- the piece also says Ellis is adapting American Tabloid, a cross between fiction and reality, and Blood and Thunder -- a drama about Kit Carson and the Navajo Wars.

Is there anyone this man couldn't or wouldn't handle? He's pretty much running the gamut, the Superman of historical screenwriting. So, I ask you: Any icons you'd like to see him take on?
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