We've posted tons of exclusive clips, trailers, images and posters in the past, but this one has to take the cake as one of the strangest, most bizarre pieces of eeriness to ever grace the main page of Cinematical. And that's totally not a bad thing, because the project -- titled ONEDREAMRUSH -- is a very cool-sounding collaborative effort between filmmakers, writers, actors and actresses that was created by the New Zealand Vodka brand 42BELOW and, as such, is the first implicitly branded content ever admitted to the Cannes Film Festival.

Essentially, a bunch of world-renowned artists were brought together to create 42 films, each 42 seconds long and all of them about the interpretation of dreams. Among those featured are Abel Ferrara, David Lynch, Asia Argento, James Franco, Kenneth Anger, Arden Wohl, Sean Lennon, Mike Figgis, Harmony Korine and so many more. Each director's film will be featured at this website for one year, and the complete work will begin a tour following Cannes that will take it through New York, London and Rome. Check out the trailer below, and please know that there is brief topless nudity and disturbing images, thus making it NSFW. Enjoy.