The first clip from Sam Raimi's upcoming horror flick Drag Me To Hell has arrived online via Moviefone (watch it there or down below), and in it star Alison Lohman has what appears to be a frightening encounter with ... a breeze. Yeah yeah -- what's so scary about wind? Well, when the wind begins to take the form of some freaky monster, then, um, something tells me we'd all be cowering in the corner. Unfortunately I didn't have the pleasure of watching Drag Me To Hell when it screened (as a "work in progress") at this year's SXSW Film Festival, but a whole bunch of Cinematical writers really dug it, and why wouldn't they: Sam Raimi has done wonders with this genre in the past (Evil Dead movies, anyone?), and he's a natural when it comes to massaging in the creep factor.

From Peter Martin's SXSW review: "But this much is clear: Raimi has made a joyful romp through his personal horror playground and come up with a very entertaining horror-comedy that gets back to the basics. By that I mean creepy shadows on the wall and things that go bump in the night: all the odd, unexplained sights and sounds that keep anxious children awake at night, hiding under the covers. Any inkling that Raimi's soul might have been irretrievably chewed up by the Hollywood studio machinery -- a well-founded concern after the disappointing Spider-Man 3 -- quickly evaporates once the story gets underway."

Check out the clip below; Drag Me To Hell drags its freaky ass into theaters on May 29.

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