Could Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy be the next IT couple? Probably not, but that's not stopping them from bringing their romance to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Hewitt and Kennedy are going to star in a new indie drama called Cafe from writer/director Marc Erlbaum. Hewitt will play an employee at the local West Philly Grounds coffee shop where Alexa Vega and other ensemble members stop by for a cup.

Already, "indie drama" separates this project from the likes of Kennedy's supremely cringe-worthy feature work, so I can't help but wonder: Is Jennifer the muse that will wipe away our reservations and give Jamie work more worthy of his post-Randy Meeks life?

Meanwhile, Rita Wilson is gearing up to write a new college comedy, according to Variety. Not only that -- she's going to star. Look out Rodney Dangerfield, Rita's going back to school. Titled Terms of Embarrassment, the film will focus on a middle-aged couple who end up attending the same college as their son.

Maybe I'm just being influenced by the other news bite here, but could this possibly be a film that will reunite her with hubbie Tom Hanks on the big screen? The pair haven't appeared together in a film since the '90s, and never one where they were the focus.
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