I never thought the day would arrive that I could blog this news! Coriolanus is hitting the screen in its first big feature film. After countless reimaginings of star-crossed lovers, turmoil in Hamlet town, and double toil and trouble, we're finally getting something new in Shakespeare Land. (And it only took a year after making my wish known as King Lear got another dose of the feature treatment.)

Empire reports that Ralph Fiennes is going to make his directorial debut with his take on the war-filled play, John Logan is penning the adaptation, and he's lined up Vanessa Redgrave, William Hurt, and Jessica Chastain to star. Coriolanus is one of Shakespeare's tragedies that follows Gaius Martius, a determined and formidable Roman general who is not a fan of the lower classes. He wins a great battle for Rome, becomes a hero, and is invited to become a consul in the Senate -- but he must get the support of the plebeians, which leads to his ultimate downfall.

Fiennes will also take on the title role, although there is no word on who the others will play. (It is, however, probably a very safe bet to say that Redgrave will be Gaius' mother, Volumnia. Otherwise, she'd be criminally underused.) Fiennes is probably one of the best bets out there, and one of the only ones who could follow in the shoes set forth on the screen -- Morgan Freeman (in one of the few adaptations in 1979) -- plus stage stints by Laurence Olivier, Colm Feore, Richard Burton, Ian McKellen, and my personal favorite -- Christopher Walken. Oh yeah, and Fiennes has tackled the role before.

I'm so very in. You?
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