Okay, so for months and months, we've yammered on about the merits of [REC], the Spanish-language horror flick that inspired the moderately successful Quarantine, and how we'd yet to see a proper domestic release of it (with Canadian retailers coming to the rescue in that regard).

Well, worry no more, all two of you that held out, because Sony's home entertainment department has seen fit to release the movie this July 14th, according to Fangoria and DVD Active. Apparently, the movie will come with a single making-of featurette, though I find the inclusion of an English-language dub track a bit superfluous in the wake of the (virtually) identical remake.

I haven't been able to check out Quarantine yet on home video, though I hear that the commentary track by the filmmakers makes no mention of this film, but does name-check their previous work, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, which has still yet to hit shelves. Maybe they'll get it out once they're done remaking [REC] 2...
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