We go back to the future with the cast of 'Terminator Salvation.'

Christian Bale may have earned a reputation for being a tad, um, intense, but the actor is happy to indulge his inner-fanboy and divulge he's amassed a stockpile of 'Star Wars' collectibles. Rising-megastar Sam Worthington (he'll next be seen in James Cameron's surefire smash 'Avatar') says his toughness simply comes from being raised Down Under. And director McG admits he doesn't actually like McG (or so he says).

These are only a few of the lessons we walked away with after sitting down with the cast and filmmaker of 'Terminator Salvation,' the gritty and explosive new fourth installment in the beloved series. We also asked the 'Salvation' stars their picks for the best sci-fi movie of all time (you can weigh in, too, in our Ultimate Sci-Fi Poll). Their answers were -- of course -- out of this world.

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