If you're of a certain age bracket (and an amazingly geeky movie freak), then you probably remember the volcanic geyser of nerdly enthusiasm when Fred Dekker's The Monster Squad finally made its DVD debut. Very fun flick, perfect for younger horror fans, a great special edition package, and lots of happy DVD collectors. Nice story, eh?

Except that if you're a full-bore HORROR FAN, you'll bypass the family-friendly Goonies-style shenanigans of The Monster Squad, opting instead for Mr. Dekker's earlier mini-masterpiece: The adorably comic bookish and entirely movie-geeky Night of the Creeps, which is one of those movies in which A) sci-fi meets horror flick meets monster movie meets romantic comedy, B) all of the characters share their names with famous genre directors, and C) everyone (including the viewer) is in on the joke. The joke being, "Yeah, a lot of genre flicks are pretty darn broad, pulpy, and silly ... but boy do we love 'em anyway."

This smoothly amusing genre concoction hit the scene back in '86, and it didn't take long for a small-but-LOUD fan-base to grow. I should know; I've been a member since the day Creeps first hit VHS. Best of all, this tale of slimy beasties invading a college campus while parties break out and zombies lurch by ... will hit DVD with a whole bunch of fan-friendly treats: Director's cut, alternate ending, numerous goodies too juicy to worry about right this second -- because the platters won't be ready until October. But still, this is a red-letter day for the old-school horror fans. Night of the Creeps has been one of our Holy Grail titles since the invention of the acronym "DVD," so as Tom Atkins would say: Thrill me.

[ As the bearer of wonderful news, we gladly drape Shock with seven layers of Rick Baker-style gore chunks. An extra portion of splat goes to InternalBleeding.net, because that's where I stole the screen shot from. ]
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