The season might be over after Will Ferrell wrapped it up in a nice bow, but the Saturday Night Live train keeps truckin'. When the George Foster Peabody Awards were held the other day in New York City, it became an SNL news releasing zone. Besides talking about their hunt for new writers and stars, Lorne Michaels talked about movies. Specifically, he told The Hollywood Reporter that a big feature film for MacGruber is being considered, and that "it would have to be in the summer because we are back in production in the fall." Not this summer, I'd imagine, since they're "still in discussions."

Hello timely spoofs and product placement! You might remember that New Line started the quest for a new MacGyver back in March, so naturally it'd make sense to match that with Will Forte's MacGyver spoof. And oh, the product placement that's possible! If you Google "MacGruber," you'll be greeted by a sea of blog posts and clips of the SNL/Pepsi commercials where the hero hands in his mixed drink for an obsession with Pepsi products.

But could this be anything other than a short skit stretched way too long? The skits are a silly laugh, but I fear a feature might send it into eye-rolling Rob Schneider territory.

Are you primed for an hour and a half of supreme MacGruber action?

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