Hey, we have good news for those people who like to laugh when they go to the movies. One of my absolute favorite films from this past Sundance Film Festival has finally nabbed some well-deserved distribution thanks to the fine folks over at Roadside Attractions. Yup,Mystery Team -- brought to you by those freaky deaky cats from Derrick Comedy -- will arrive in theaters this fall following a national tour of colleges in the late summer. It's a smart move, too; the film, while it doesn't feature top-notch, familiar talent, is still original and hysterical and an absolute ball to watch in a packed theater.

From my Sundance review: "It's Encyclopedia Brown meets Napoleon Dynamite with a pinch of Ace Ventura ... and it's hilarious ... Similar to The Brady Bunch Movie, Mystery Team relies on the audience member buying into their fish-out-of-water shtick. If you don't dig the concept -- think its humor is too Napoleon Dynamite-esque and not original enough -- then you won't have a fun time. Clearly this is Derrick Comedy's Super Troopers -- it's a silly, stupid, ridiculous comedy that when it works, it really works, and when it doesn't, there's still a laugh or two to be found."

So, yeah, check out the NSFW trailer after the jump, head over to the Derrick Comedy website for more info and look for Mystery Team when it hits a town near you in just a couple months from now.
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