Ah, 1980. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Jimmy Carter was in the White House, Hewlett Packard announced the release of its first home computer, and I was about to embark upon my senior year of high school. My hometown was pretty far off the beaten path and our nearest single screen movie theater was 13 miles away with the closest multiplex being 45 miles. In those days I wasn't always able to see every movie I wanted to, but I got caught up in my college years when I discovered premium cable channels and the newly born home video market. There were some classics that summer (The Empire Strikes Back, anyone?), some stuff I'd like to forget (Xanadu or Xana-don't?) and at least one film I can't find any record of (read on for that one).

Here's how the Summer of 1980 went:

May 9
It's interesting to note that the first two releases for the Summer of 1980 have both been recently remade more or less. I generally don't like slasher flicks but I make an exception for Friday the 13th because it hit before most of the genre cliches were established and that ending where Jason bursts out of the water literally had me jumping out of my seat. The Nude Bomb was a pretty awful feature version of the Get Smart TV series. When the film eventually played network television it was renamed The Return of Maxwell Smart.