By Jessica Barnes -- 3/18/09 -- Cinematical

Fine, I'll admit it: I sat down and watched the craptastic sequel to Lost Boys, The Tribe. Lord knows I wish I hadn't, but it was the film equivalent of a train wreck and it was just too hard to look away. But even I have my limits, so I'm not sure what to think about the latest bad idea from Warner Premiere: Lost Boys 3. Bloody Disgusting announced that Warners has given the go-ahead for another direct-to-DVD sequel, and have hired Evan Charnov (Fearless) to pen the script.

According to BD, Edgar Frog (aka Corey Feldman) will be back, along with the lesser known Frog, Jamison Newlander. So instead of trying for a re-tread of the first film like last time, Charnov's script is going to focus on the Frog brothers (and why, oh why, didn't they just do this in the first place?) But the Frog brothers will probably be the only familiar faces coming back for another go round, because I highly doubt that anyone will be knocking on Corey Haim's door after what happened the last time. There is no release date for Lost Boys 3 so far, but let's be honest with ourselves -- this kind of straight-to-DVD flick can probably be knocked out in a weekend.

So what do you think? Maybe if we all pretend that Lost Boys 2 never happened we'll finally get the sequel we deserve. Then again, maybe we should all turn away and pretend like the whole thing is just a bad dream ... a very bad dream.
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