Move over Ben Lyons, there's a new critic in town. During MTV's 457-part interview with Kevin Smith, they somehow found their way to Twilight. Smith admitted to watching the film with his wife and daughter, and, though it wasn't his cup of tea, could see why so many young girls love it dearly (cue Robert Pattinson). He then called up his daughter, who proceeded to dole out her personal review of Twilight -- which goes something like ... "(giggles) I don't know (giggles) I just liked it." Then, when Pattinson's name comes up, she smiles and blushes, while Smith questions whether or not she's really his daughter.

It's all sorta cute and playful, and they all have great attitudes about it (I have a daughter arriving in under a month, so I can't really talk) -- but it did make me wonder which of Smith's films his daughter will like the best once she's old enough to watch them. This is the first video I've ever seen of his daughter, and if she's a mega-huge Twilight fan, then maybe she'll fancy Chasing Amy or Dogma the most. I don't know; you tell me -- watch the video below.