John Malkovich might have thought it was creepy to have random strangers in his head, or get ruled by a puppeteer, but I bet that's nothing compared to this. Variety reports that the Blue Man Group is getting its chance to jump inside a poor soul for IMAX 3D.

This first feature, which will be directed by David Russo (The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle), has the original Blue Men -- Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman -- getting slipped inside some poor schmuck's head. Basically, they're entering the noggin of "a socially and creatively congested person and observing his neural patterns and his habitual brain functions and memory and altering it in a way that helps him bring his inside life outside." Wink says this will be a simple vaudevillian film: "we're not here with deep messages," but then Russo says it's very important to have "solid" science. Why didn't anyone tell me that scientists figured out a way to insert little blue men into the brain?

I'm surprised they're getting a feature now, as opposed to when they first made it big, but I'm going to hold out one hope -- mainly that David Cross gets to play the man they enter. If they gave that excellent nod to Arrested Development, I bet anything that they'd get a whole extra audience for this project.
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