2009 is clearly the year of the cyborgs, and with its fall release date, The Surrogatesis clearly aiming to be the thoughtful one of the bunch. A new trailer has hit the net on MySpace's Trailer Park, but it's refusing to play or embed, so I've borrowed the embed from TrailerAddict (who apparently took it from IGN) all so you could watch it bug free ... but if you want bigger versions, I encourage you to pop over to MySpace or IGN if only to thank them for hosting it.

The Surrogates doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look particularly enticing either. Last year, some really creepy set photos showed up online, and I was hoping that we'd get a movie that contrasted the make-believe world of surrogates with a reality that was ugly and gruesome. I still haven't read the Robert Vendetti comic on which its based, but I got the impression (or perhaps hoped) that there was a fanatic, anti-surrogate element to the story that would result in human-on-surrogate violence. While there's hints of that in the trailer, Surrogates looks disappointingly slick and Apple store-ish. Even the "disaster" footage shown at the end is too clean and CG to really be all that horrifying. Instead of suggesting Blade Runner, all I see is I, Robot and a hint of the utopian perkiness of Demolition Man. I'd really like to be wrong, though ... but that plasticine version of Bruce Willis suggests I shouldn't count on it.

The Surrogates hits theaters on September 25.