A few days ago, I wrote about Steven Spielberg'supcoming Martin Luther King Jr. biopic. But there was one thing that I didn't mention, and it looks like the whole project will come down to how it's all resolved. See, there's a whole storm of dissension festering between MLK's children, and if it doesn't die down, the project won't happen. The Hollywood Reporterposts that DreamWorks still wants to make the feature, but only if the bickering dies down. It seems that after this deal with King's estate was announced, one made with son Dexter who oversees the estate, daughter Bernice and son Martin the III threatened legal action since they weren't involved in the negotiations.

Rather than just going ahead, visions of blockbusters in the eyes, a DreamWorks statement says: "The purpose of making a movie about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is to tell a great story which could bridge distances and bring people together. We remain committed to pursuing a film chronicling Martin Luther King's life provided that there is unity in the family so we can make a film about unity in our nation. We believe this is what Dr. King would have wanted."

It can be taken two ways. Either Spielberg and DreamWorks are upping the class of Hollywood, which would be a welcome change, or they remembered all the trouble that Watchmen had over rights and money. Either way, I can't think of a better way to kick off a film like this than to have it come by way of unity. Then again, I think seeds of familial discord might be a little too powerful for Hollywood.
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