Last spring, Stan Lee and Disney struck up a deal to develop three superhero-ish projects: Nick Rachet, Blaze, and Tigress. It was all very hush hush, with no indication as to what these new heroes would be other than potential comic books and franchises. But whatever they were, they had lured in the talents of Richard LaGravenese, Gary Goldman, and Zoe Green.

But now we know who and what Nick Rachet is. According to The Hollywood Reporter,
Rachet now has the Douglas Cook and David Weisberg at the keyboard. While we haven't heard much from them since Double Jeopardy, they've been busy writing Captain Kidd and Vespers for Disney.

Not surprisingly, Nick Rachet is an action star ... kinda. In real life, he's a mild-mannered and bumbling police officer but in an online game, he's a tough, sneering badass named Nick Rachet. His avatar ends up escaping from the game and usurps the real life of his player. THR describes it as a "lighthearted mystery thriller" with a "Jekyll and Hyde struggle" which is a plotline we've had an awful lot of recently.

The similarities to Gamer probably shatters my goofy 2008 theory that LaGravenese might lure in his Scottish P.S. I Love You star. But since there will likely be two actors in this Grand Theft Auto version of Jekyll and Hyde, maybe I'll prove prophetic and we'll see Gerard Butler in the mild-mannered half. That'd be fun.

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