This was a tough weekend to pick a film for our 1-10 Poll, but since Terminator Salvation seems to be the fan favorite (and the only movie opening up early, as in last night at midnight), we'll go with that. I'm sure you pretty much know the deal by now with our 1-10 polls; essentially, we're asking you to rate all of the big summer movies on a scale of 1-10 so that we can see what you think of them, as well as determine which film moviegoers enjoyed the most (and the least) this summer. So far Star Trek is in the lead ... will Terminator beat it?

From my Terminator Salvation review: "Terminator Salvation roars to life on screen with enough gutsy firepower to literally shake you in your seat. She's a mean, loud metallic beast that hasn't eaten in years, and the only commands she understands come in the form of growls, snarls, bullets and explosions. You can't really ask for more from an action picture (well you can, but we'll get to that); with Terminator Salvation, director McG proves that he's more than a punchline for online jokes -- his action scenes are fierce and eye-popping; he gives us the post-apocalyptic Skynet world we've always wanted to see and then asks if we want seconds or thirds. This is the Terminator film for a generation that expects over-the-top; an audience who likes it rough, but still PG-13, so we don't get carded at the door."

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