In a video promoting the MTV Movie Awards, Twilight actor Cam Gigandet proves himself to be a two-fisted action-hero type -- by beating the crap out of a group of 'tween girls who hate his character in the sparkly vamp flick.

The video, which premiered on Funny or Die, has Gigandet approached, the attacked, by an afternoon Twilight book club. After warning them that he won the MTV award last year for Best Fight (for the instantly forgettable Never Back Down), they pile on anyway and an epic, ridiculously cinematic battle ensues.

In a piece on MTV's website, Gigandet said that he doesn't usually kick the bejesus out of young fans: "It's great. I love having young girls chase me everywhere I go. ... It's a little bit of validation I guess," he said, with a refreshing honesty (I mean, we all know that getting chicks is one of the primary perks of being a movie star, but it's still rare to hear an actor actually say it.)

In addition to making the clip for the awards show, Gigandet -- along with co-stars Robert Pattinson, Kristin Steart and Taylor Lautner -- will be presenting a clip from the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

Check out the video below (there's also a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the short here). While some folks might have a problem with a comedy bit about a grown man beating up little girls, I personally found it pretty funny. It's all in the details -- especially the little girl who cracks her knuckles while he's talking, and the one pretty little blonde girl with blood all over her mouth who snarls like a tiger before leaping at Gigandet out of the brush. And the final shot is just brilliant:

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