The zany world of Scrubs never seems to end. Like an Energizer bunny, it keeps going and going, but since Zach Braff is lightening his hospital load this year, he's finally heading back to movies and directing. Unfortunately, it's probably not something to get excited about.

Variety reports that Braff is negotiating to direct, rewrite, and star in Paramount Pictures' Swingles. Why bad? This is the romantic comedy that Cameron Diaz signed onto in March. Swingles focuses on two people whose best friends fall in love, get married, and leave them without their wingman and wingwoman. So, they join forces to help each other find a mate. Or rather, that's what the plot was before. Now it's being described as the story of a bachelor dumped by his wingman, who "teams up with a sharp-tongued woman he can't stand" to find single women.

I guess someone was watching the trailer for The Ugly Truth and wanted to switch around the sexes. I have to say -- it bums me out to see that Braff's follow-up feature to Garden State will be a Diaz-led romcom. Love or loathe the manic pixie girl, I'd take another dose of Natalie Portman's Sam anyday. As it stands, I think we're at a disappointing abyss.
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