You're a Cinematical reader, so naturally you're very passionate about films. You probably live, breathe, and eat movies, and your life has undoubtedly been altered in some way by them. But would you break up with someone over it?

No, this isn't coming from personal experience -- but "I could never love someone who didn't love that movie!" is the snarky sort of comment I've made a lot, and one that I'm convinced is true. There's exceptions, of course -- I could love someone who didn't enjoy Crank as I did, or who had no time for Gladiator. Life would be boring if we didn't allow for personal opinions and tastes, after all. I also would forgive a guy who didn't want to watch Pride and Prejudice or any other corseted chick flick ... a girl has to have some downtime, and Hugh Jackman or Mr. Darcy are best appreciated solo.

But there are films that I couldn't overlook. Lord of the Rings is probably #1 on that list ... and while I can make exceptions for criticisms of The Return of the King (I make them myself, and often -- I'm a Tolkien nerd), there's no room in my heart for anyone who would dismiss the trilogy utterly. The same goes for The Fountain. Then there's the obvious ones, like L.A. Confidential or Sergio Leone ... and not just because of my undying affection for hardboiled heroes (although that is a pretty big part of it), but because I couldn't fathom talking to someone who didn't "get" films that 99% of the world has. That sounds snobbish, and I hate cinema snobbery, but I see these kinds of standards not as some kind of artistic extremism, but because the films I love do represent me for better or worse. If someone doesn't love "my" movies, well, how can that ever work?

I'll turn this topic over to you now. I'm dying to know if anyone has ever broken-up over a movie, or whether a flippant, first date comment about The Godfather made you avoid that person like the plague. Or maybe you just want to share your list of the movies you couldn't excuse someone hating or loving.
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