Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that magically (and mysteriously) floats up after drinking a glass of Willy Wonka's new soda. Last week a whole mess of you dropped by to chip in a caption for a photo from Terminator Salvation, but only three of you qualified to join the resistance. Congrats to those folks; the rest of you ... well, take notes.

1. "It's no use...Skynet's designed a Slinky that cannot be straightened out." -- Jonathan M.

2. "Are you incapable of holding this thing down? That's it, we're through. I like you, but we are done. We are done professionally!" -- David R.

3. "I didn't think this was what you meant when you asked me if I wanted to hold your snake." -- David M.

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This week we're leaving post-apocalyptic America for a little tale about an old man and a young boy who go on a balloon trip ... to the jungle ... inside of a house. Yup, the brilliant minds at Pixar are back for their yearly trip to the movies, and this time they're bringing another laugh-out-loud, family-friendly tear-jerker that's bound to offer plenty more reasons why Pixar is just totally tops. Up hits theaters on May 29, which means you still have a whole week of waiting ahead. In the meantime, give us your best captions below and the folks behind our three favorite will each take home one Up T-shirt and one Up Dug the talking dog stuffed animal. Sound off below ...

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