Bruce Willis stars in this futuristic science fiction flick based on a graphic novel. Surrogates are remotely controlled robots through which everyone lives there lives. Regardless of what damage is inflicted on the surrogate, the operator remains safe in his or her home. At least that has been the case, but now it seems someone is actually killing people through their surrogates and Willis plays the police detective on the case. Looking forward to this one when it hits on September 25.

Sherlock Holmes
I've never had much more than a passing interest Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous character, but this trailer has got me on the bandwagon. Robert Downey Jr as Holmes? Way cool. Jude Law as Watson? Awesome. Am I reading too much into it or are they trying to make it look like there's some kind of sexual tension between the two? Either way, this looks film will be director Guy Ritchie's Christmas present to the world when it releases on December 25.

Not to be confused with another forthcoming film called Nine, this is the second trailer for an amazing looking animated feature about small man-made creatures apparently made of burlap fighting off killer robots in a post apocalyptic world. It comes out on September 9.

There's a new trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's followup to Borat. Bruno is a flamboyantly gay fashionista and as with Borat this film documents his adventures with people who don't realize Cohen is playing a character. This looks really funny and it will be out on July 10.