So after Scott busted out with the classic trailer for the classic Alien, I thought it might be high time for something a little more low-brow and modern. Enter Aliens in the Attic (formerly They Came From Upstairs), a positively shrill-looking summer comedy in which a handful of kids must prevent a handful of extraterrestrials from dominating the world beyond their homestead...

Okay, so there's a premise there worthy of an '80s-family-adventure throwback, but clearly, priority one for the co-producer of Daddy Day Camp and the director of The Honeymooners here was having a break-dancing Hollister hand-me-down take on a kung-fu-fighting Doris Roberts.

Now I've got your attention, huh?

I'm not sure what else to say about that scene until you watch it for yourself, and even then, I'm not sure that words can do it justice. I mean, thank goodness they bothered to make it Just Like A Video Game for the characters and audience to connect with, but that doesn't quite excuse the goofiness of it. Maybe that means I should just be grateful above all else that on July 31st, everyone can hear you scream.