Have you ever wondered about those humble workers at Cyberdyne Systems, those ordinary men and women who dutifully programmed SkyNet, unaware that they were helping to code the way towards the extinction of mankind? Well, the tale of one such tech named Craig Tapers has been uncovered over on Cracked.com. I guess these were probably unearthed thanks to all that time-traveling the Resistance does, but it's a pretty illuminating look at just what an awkward position their employees were put into.

The whole saga should be read in full (particularly so you learn the fate of Tapers), but I think this is my favorite excerpt: "I was looking for surge protectors earlier and I stumbled upon a warehouse of giant, terrifying robots coated in what looked like an impenetrable metal exoskeleton, and all carrying some pretty heavy artillery. I know I'm still fairly new here, but we're a software company, right? Did we switch over to robot monsters? If we did, that's fine, I just need to know for job-titling purposes ..."

Let the tale of Craig Tapers (and those construction workers on the Death Star) be a lesson to those of you out job-hunting. Before accepting that tech job, make sure they're actually a software company and not SkyNet. Thanks.