Steve McQueen's widow might think that Daniel Craig would be the perfect actor to bring her husband back to life on the big screen, but it doesn't look like that's the direction Christine Peters and Michael Cerenzie are going with their adaptation of Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel. In fact, if rumors are true, they're looking for the man who was once rumored to be remaking McQueen's classic Bullitt -- Brad Pitt.

The Examiner says the actor is about to sign on to play McQueen in the biopic, which will kick into production later this year. They seem fairly happy with the news, stating: "The casting might work, Pitt resembles McQueen and shares the late actor's love of beautiful women, fast cars, and motorcycles." Me, I'm not so sure.

It all comes down to "the pretty." McQueen definitely had looks himself, but he was one of the men considered sexy for rugged strength and charisma, not for perfectly balanced, superstar features. He was the man you might dig in spite of yourself -- which is why McQueen's widow made a pretty good call with Craig. But Pitt ... is he too pretty? Too much of a looker and too little of the rugged machismo? While I've no doubt that he can handle the acting, could Mr. Jolie bring to life that "it" that made Steve McQueen so damn cool?
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