The original Buffy was a silly early '90s flick featuring Kristy Swanson, dreamy Luke Perry as her BF Pike, Rutger Hauer as the bad vamp about town Lothos, a post-Pee Wee Paul Reubens as one of his henchmen, and Donald Sutherland as a told-ya-so! dude named Merrick who warned her she was a predestined kicker of vampire ass. Blink-and-miss-it cameos include Hilary Swank, Ben Affleck, gossip columnist Liz Smith, David Arquette, and Ricki Lake. Really.

Now Buffy is getting a 21st century transfusion with help from the original director Fran Rubel Kuzui and producer Kaz Kuzui to create "what is being labeled a remake or relaunch, but not a sequel or prequel," according to Hollywood Reporter. So with that very oblique description in mind, it looks like this will be a sort of different incarnation of Buffy -- a different vampire "warrior" for a different generation. One with "franchise potential," of course. The Kuzuis are working with Vertigo Entertainment, aka Roy Lee and Doug Davison, which is responsible for many US remakes of Asian films like The Grudge, Dark Water, The Eye, and upcoming adaptations of Death Note, the Spielberg-Smith vehicle Oldboy, and Battle Royale. They're also remaking Creepshow.

Joss Whedon wrote the script for the original Buffy, although he's more famous for his feminist-y take on it in the long-running Sarah Michelle Gellar series. He will, however, not be involved with the new Buffy. Good luck to whomever they're bringing in to revamp this iconic chick because she or he has some big shoes to fill. Or it's entirely possible one of the many, many Buffy-philes might have a go at 'em with a big, pointy stake. Either way.

As far Joss? Well, Dr. Horrible's Twitter only says "Oy..." If anyone would like to confirm if this is Joss's real Twitter account or not, we're all ears.
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