In the sea of conversation-based films, of which there are many but never enough, My Dinner with Andre often reigns supreme. Perhaps this is because it is only a conversation -- a film so determined to be just dialogue that it makes Richard Linklater talkies look like action adventures.

Unfortunately, no matter how popular it is, the Wallace Shawn/Andre Gregory film has always been one of those hard-to-find features. It's the kind you might be able to rent at a niche video store, but would only find to buy once in a blue moon, for a large chunk of change (last time I saw it, a dilapidated vhs was going for $80). But finally, FINALLY, Criterion is giving it the DVD treatment -- a release that I hope will last longer than the gone-in-a-flash stint in 2003.

The new release, which will hit shelves on June 23, will offer a crisp, new high-definition transfer. A film centered on two men having dinner isn't the easiest thing to amp up with special features, but Criterion does a solid job. There will be new interviews with André Gregory and Wallace Shawn, which will be led by Noah Baumbach, plus "My Dinner with Lewis" -- an episode of BBC's Arena that had Shawn interviewing director Louis Malle, and a booklet featuring an essay by Amy Taubin and prefaces for the published screenplay written by Gregory and Shawn.

Anyone else gearing up for a talkie party on June 23?