Would you like to really return to the 1980s? Do you dream of living in the world of Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Now you can! You can buy Cameron Frye's house, complete with Ferrari showroom, and live in it. Your friends can say it's very cold, and very beautiful, like a museum. You can lie there under your covers in the dark, insist that you're dying, and sing "When Cameron was in Egypt's land, let my Cameron go." Naturally, you can also send your Ferrari flying through a plate glass window ... but I recommend sticking to the less destructive aspects of recreation.

The Daily Herald
reports that it went on the market last week for $2.3 million and not surprisingly, its '80s status has already attracted a lot of interest as everyone longs to walk the halls of Cameron Frye. In real life, the house isn't as cold as a museum, and really does keep a collection of cars in the glass pavilion. Alas, they're not included in the sale price (you'll have to buy your own Ferrari), but it sounds like they're throwing in the pavilion's mini Ferris Bueller museum. If you love this movie, $2.3 million is a bargain! (See photos below)

There's more photos of it on the realtor's website (who eerily shares the name of Hughes, but is of no relation to Bueller director John Hughes). If there's a Cinematical reader wealthy enough to buy it, can we visit for a sleepover?

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