My fangirl heart went a-fluttering almost two years ago when news popped up that Doctor Who might get a feature film. At the time, it was only the littlest morsel to chew on. A bigwig at the BBC had said that they would not rule out a feature adaptation of the irresistible sci-fi show. In other words -- it was a big, fan-tugging tease with absolutely no gaurantees. But now it looks like it's one step closer to reality.

While the BBC was covering news that David Tennant would pop up on The Sarah Jane Adventures before handing over his sonic screwdriver to Matt Smith, a much tastier morsel was revealed. An unnamed spokeswoman for BBC Films confirmed that "a script is in development." Now they warn that this doesn't gaurantee that the film will come to fruition, and if it does, it's a long ways away. But we've already waited months since the last bit of news, so I'm thinking fans can be patient, especially if it means getting big-screen Who.

The only question, then, is who would star on it, and what would they possibly do to change things up for the feature treatment? We haven't seen the newest Who yet, but I can't help but hope that it would be Tennant up there reveling in one last adventure. Heck, they could even mess things up and bring back the different-yet-excellent Christopher Eccleston. What say you?

[via SciFi Wire]
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