This just in: David Slade (30 Days of Night, Hard Candy) will be directing the third film in theTwilight Saga: Eclipse. Might not be the first guy to pop in your head, but he's obviously capable of delivering believable vampires (and Josh Hartnett as someone you want to root for in a film -- big points for that) while upping the tension, and he's definitely the kind of guy who could bring more male moviegoers to the franchise. Sh*t, I kinda want to see the film now.

Nikki Finke reported the Slade talks earlier today, and a press release announcing his hiring was released shortly thereafter. Eclipse is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 30, 2010, right smack in the middle of summer blockbuster alley. Will this film rule the summer of 2010 and outshine Iron Man 2? Shocking, perhaps, but these look to be the top contenders.

What do you think of Slade directing Eclipse? Good choice? Bad one? Check out the press release below.

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