Why is it that good DVD storage is so hard to come by? You can find a million different bags and boxes to carry your lunch, a myriad of car models to fit your tastes, bookcases in all shapes and sizes, yet the pickings for DVDs are severely limited. What really gets me about this is how easy and cheap it is to keep growing your collection these days. With the proliferation of super-awesome and super-cheap sales and used discs for a mere fraction of the original price, it isn't hard for a collection of 20 to turn to 50, then 100, then 250, then 500... In a flash, your carefully organized system is overgrown with new piles and absolutely no space.

For the most part, you've got two options: spend a lot on a mammoth storage case (or make messy piles with a large and cheaper bookcase as I do), or get those disc binders. The former option will make it easy to see each title, but means sacrificing a lot of space and makes it all the harder to store new discs once you fill it. The latter, well, many warn against the damage sleeves could do to your discs.

So what are we left with? I once asked my local video store where they got the thin plastic sleeves they stored DVD covers in to save space. Turns out they were specially made, and would've cost me hundreds of dollars to get enough for my collection. Then I started dreaming of DVD binders boasting snap-in plastic sheets like a DVD case or CD shell, so we can put this whole storage business behind us. But that doesn't seem to be a reality yet.

So what do you do, movie fans? How do you keep your ever-growing library of discs both safe and stored?
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