Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience is receiving a ton of buzz, so it's only natural that a sequel is in order. The material lends itself to it, after all, because who wouldn't like to see the other side of the equation? We haven't exactly had a serious, mainstream movie that tackled male prositution since American Gigolo ... and I'm not sure that's really a thoughtful examination.

Luckily, TotallySketch has beat the busy Soderbergh to the punch and produced The Boyfriend Experience. Those looking for the delicate, troubled glamor of Girlfriend will surely be disappointed, but those looking for a stark reality will be gratified. This looks like it could be a heartwrenching examination of gender roles and expectations. It's really hard to believe there are women out there who feel the need to pay thousands of dollars for this kind of thing ... but if there's anything Jennifer Aniston movies have taught us, it's that being alone is far, far worse.