Like most of the moviegoing world, we here at Cinematical are pretty excited for Kevin Smith's new comedy,A Couple of Dicks, particularly since Smith is promising it'll be the next Roadhouse. The world needs another Roadhouse, just like this generation needs a new buddy cop comedy.

We won't have too long to wait, as The Hollywood Reportersays that the film begins shooting on Monday in New York -- but before it goes before cameras, Smith has added Seann William Scott and Adam Brody to the cast. Scott will play a thief known as "The Sh*t Bandit" due to his trademark of leaving a scatological gift for his robbery victims. (Remember, Smith didn't write this script, Robb and Mark Cullen did. But now we know one reason he liked it!) Brody will play "an abrasive detective" who is less than thrilled to be working with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan's maverick cops. He seems so young to be the abrasive, badass type ... but hey, it's New York. You grow up fast there.

Still missing from the cast is one Mexican beauty, who Willis and Morgan rescue in the course of their adventure, and who holds the key to millions of laundered drug money. I bet we'll meet her next week, but you could throw out a few casting guesses or recommendations just to pass the time, as Dicks isn't due in theaters until February 26, 2010.
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